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Big Dog Scout Bluetooth Speaker

Big Dog Scout Bluetooth Speaker


Introducing the biggest, baddest Bluetooth speaker on the market. With huge, clear sound, extraordinary battery life and tons of connectivity options, the Big Dog is built to party.


  • 15 Hours Of Playback
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water Proof IPX6
  • AUX Input
  • TF Card Playback
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 40 Watts
  • 7.4V 2500mAh /18.5WH
  • Charges Other Devices


  • 105db Max Output
  • Two 57mm Drivers
  • Two 60mm Radiators
  • Multi-Sync Tech


  • USB-C Cable
  • Mounting Straps
  • AUX Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Instructions


  • Dimensions (in): 3.43″ x 3.43″ x 8.58″
  • Dimensions (mm): 87 x 87 x 218
  • Weight (g): 823
  • Weight (lbs): 1.81

Additional information


3.4 inches


8.6 inches


1 lb 13 oz





28 reviews for Big Dog Scout Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Michele Susman (verified owner)

    Big Dog has an amazing sound and I love that it is waterproof so I can use outside or take it to the beach. Metallica never sounded so good!

  2. Kell Hinson

    This is the best speaker I’ve ever bought for the price! It doesn’t get much better than this for what you pay!

  3. Phil Miller (verified owner)

    I just received my 2 new BIGDOG speakers! They were packed extremely well & all the accessories were included and were neatly packed. The speakers definitely appear to be of high quality. They pair very easily and the sound is awesome! I am definitely glad I decided to purchase 2 speakers. The sound is fantastic. I can’t believe the clarity & crispness of the sound. These speakers will be traveling with me for sure. I love music & I am very happy with the speakers. The price is surprisingly reasonable. I am to be a serious dog lover and got a kick out of the sound heard from the speakers when they turn on and off, hilarious. I look forward to telling my friends about their great speakers. I’m looking forward to years of listening pleasure with BIGDOG!!

  4. Joel (verified owner)

    Just received two Bigdog Speakers, very impressed with the quality of the units, the packaging and the unbelievable sound quality! WOW!!

  5. Paul Schaefer (verified owner)

    The Big Dog is far different than other speakers we’ve had in the past. The sound quality has a crisp sound, the ability to adjust tones, and we even used it to charge my phone

  6. Scott Atkins (verified owner)

    We received our new Big Dog speaker last week and it’s more impressive every time we use it. It blows our Bose portable speaker out of the water and is much more user friendly. Bluetooth is seamless. We will definitely be buying a second speaker very soon so we can pair them.

  7. Brian T (verified owner)

    The Big Dog speaker is awesome! Extremely user friendly and sound quality is amazing. It is also much more economical than other brands. Would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone.

  8. Robbie R. (verified owner)

    Just received our 2nd Big Dog speaker. Absolutely love them.
    We have a different brand speaker (ECOXGEAR) that is twice the size (also over twice the cost)of the Big Dog permanently mounted in our side by side, we rarely use it due to it being hard to hear and the sound is distorted at riding speeds. We hung the big dog using it’s convenient carry strap in the same location as the ECOXGEAR and the Big Dog absolutely crushes the other speaker. This little speaker is a beast.
    We use the other one in our home, we have the BOSE also and have completely switched to using the Big Dog on a daily basis.
    Highly recommend.

  9. Colby (verified owner)

    This is a great quality speaker! We use it on our deck. Very user friendly and will surprise you how loud it will get. The pup on the on and off switch is cool too!

  10. Dana C (verified owner)

    Excellent speaker! Crystal clear sound and gets loud. Bluetooth ready and can be paired, easy to use buttons, lights and accessories. Priced right too!

  11. BCP (verified owner)

    Great bluetooth speaker. Portable and good battery length. The kids love the color changing lights on the end and the strap that comes with it makes it easy to mount to a gold cart.

  12. John Beach

    Best speaker in the business! We love ours!

  13. Beth McLeod (verified owner)

    I got this for my son who is a big UGA fan. The dog barking when you turn on the speaker is the greatest! He is going to love it. And the owner of this company is a consummate professional! Highly recommend.

  14. Rick Acree

    I read about the Big Dog speakers in an Augusta Press article so I decided to give them a try. I bought a pair. The sound quality is top notch and the customer service is without peer. The owner delivered mine personally. That is above and beyond. I had a minor issue with one and he brought a replacement to my office the same day I notified him of the issue. I am local so I can’t say someone way out of town would get the personal delivery, but I have NEVER had better service from anyone. Oh, and the sound is AWESOME. My full sized JBLs are going to the attic.

  15. Christine C

    I ordered this speaker late on a Friday night, and it was hand delivered to my doorstep less than an hour after purchase. Beat that delivery speed Amazon Prime!! These guys are the best!

  16. Vann P (verified owner)

    These speakers are great! They are as good as advertised. A must have for a Christmas gift. Will be ordering another set for our shop as soon as it gets finished.

  17. Cag Brunson (verified owner)

    I ordered two Big Dog speakers a week before Christmas and they arrived at my doorstep within 3 days. The clarity of the sound is amazing. Without a doubt the best speakers I have ever heard!! A bargain for the price!

  18. April Colburn

    Great sound, and super loud! Waterproof too!

  19. John Montgomery (verified owner)

    Holy Moly! As advertised! Great sound! Easy connectivity! Using them in my office and bluetooth connection eliminated a big tangle of wires!

  20. Hayden Walkotten

    Big Dog Speakers competes hand for hand with your common JBL, Bose, etc speakers. The sound and bluetooth capabilities is outstanding for the price that you receive this speaker. If you are looking for more bang for you buck Big Dog Speakers is where it’s at.

  21. David S (verified owner)

    Great speakers, great price, and even better customer service. Easily connects to all my devices so I can switch from listening to music to streaming the radio broadcast to listen to SEC sports. Definitely gonna be bringing it with me to the golf course and beach this spring. Thanks, Big Dog.

  22. Julie J

    Woof! 40w, 105dB – I heard about BigDog on a podcast and thought, yes, I want that.
    Michael was lovely and sent a Doggie out here to Australia. It arrived within days and even a tech doofus like me could set it up. Oh, the sound! So Big…so rich. It was such a good doggie, I had to adopt another one. TWS setup was simple, so now I had twice as much sound in clear and high quality stereo. Perfect for playing Aussie rock at the volume it should be played, perfect for parties at home or the beach without annoying cords. We love the Woof! On and Whine Off effects, doggies also whine if they are tired so you can recharge them quickly and keep the music going. As if Aussie rock wasn’t enough of a treat, I give them the business end of “Freebird” to snack on and even Rammstein. They are such good doggies, and I’m so happy to have them living with me. Thanks, Michael! Woof!

  23. KC (verified owner)

    AMAZING quality, sound and customer service! These speakers will blow anything that you have owned in the past out of the water. Seamless pairing with my devices. Love the doggie barks/whimpers when you turn on/off. I ordered these on a rainy Sunday AM – they were on my doorstep less than 3 hours later. Can you say Customer Service!! I also love that a portion of the sales go to The Hope House…a great organization. Nothing to not like here folks…grab em and growl!!!!

  24. Mike Lester (verified owner)

    I found these guys on Facebook and they hand delivered a pair of awesome speakers for my T bucket roadster.They sound great and they were very helpful.I also love supporting local business that supports charities.

  25. Michele (verified owner)

    We are in love with our BigDog speaker!
    Same day delivery was incredible. Set up was easy and we used it the first evening it arrived on our deck without any issue. The sound is phenomenal, crisp and clear. Very easy connection.
    We took it to the pickleball courts the next day and used the strap to secure it to a pole.
    Connected easy to my phone and watch. We drilled and jammed!!
    Looking forward to taking it to the beach soon. Thanks BigDog for making an incredible product!

  26. Jim Channell (verified owner)

    There is a lot to love about the BigDog. Let’s start with the customer service. I ordered my speaker on Saturday night about 9:30. Sunday afternoon around 3:00 someone from BigDog dropped the speaker off on my front porch.

    The size is great. The speaker is large enough to have decent sized internal speakers but still small enough to easily mount on the t top of my boat with the provided mounting harness. The harness is great too. It really holds the speaker securely and was actually pretty easy to figure out, something other speakers can’t say.

    Volume is incredible. I had a JBL Flip 3 that I really liked and thought was plenty loud. The BigDog is MUCH louder. Sound is very clear and bright with no distortion even at high volume.

    The only things keeping me from giving it 5 stars are the included instructions and the lack of bass. Maybe there is a way to get more bass out of the speaker but the instructions are so vague and the print is so microscopic that I cannot decipher what, if anything, I can do to increase the bass. It would be very nice if BigDog would put the instructions on the website.

  27. Jim Channell (verified owner)

    This is a modification of a previous review. After some trial and error button pushing I found that the bass can actually be enhanced some with the “M” button. With the bass enhanced, I can easily give this speaker a 5 star review.

    I still think the instructions should be printed much larger on a larger piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be the size of notebook paper, the size of an index card would be more than adequate.

  28. Jeff Harshbarger (verified owner)

    Ok. I received my set of Big Dog Scouts today.

    I usually don’t like anything.

    I honestly LOVE these speakers. Sound quality is there! I usually use Bose. Former concert sound guy.

    Buy 2. Now!

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